Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Liberty Bar -- San Antonio, Texas

If you are driving South on 281 just north of Downtown San Antonio, you will see a neon sign for the Liberty Bar. You will most likely look over at the restaurant and say, ‘hey that place is leaning more than the tower of Pisa! They gotta fix that place.’ You probably won’t end up eating there because, hey, you’re in San Antonio and you have to go to the Riverwalk. And, ultimately, you will have made a great big mistake because the Liberty Bar is the best restaurant in town.

I could talk about how the restaurant has been there for 120 years and is owned by the same family now as then (has any family even been in FW that long?); I could talk about the Chile Rellenos, the Milanesa, the Chess Pie, and all the other dishes that are loved by locals; I could talk about the fresh-baked hot bread with real butter (!) that is at every table; I could talk about the easy home-like atmosphere; but I won’t. I will only mention the Pork Chops. Get them. They are great.


Francis Shivone said...

Thanks -- very cool place

rambler said...

If you're doing San Antonio, definitely include Hung Fong's down on Broadway. I've been eating there since the 70s (my brother-in-law since the 40s), and had an excellent meal there as recently as January, '06. It's not (or wasn't) a buffet, but a table-service menu of family-style dinners and combinations. For someone used to buffets (I am), the egg rolls are a special treat. Large and tasty.

And even if the food goes to pot, there is still the neon-tubing art, worth the trip, at least once.