Wednesday, January 2, 2008

An Afternoon Beer

Americans don’t drink much beer in the afternoon. Sure, there is your local Billy down the street who drinks morning, noon, and night. But on the whole, Americans only permit themselves to drink certain times of the week. One of the main reasons for this, I think, is the lack of good pubs. England is full of afternoon drinkers and it is most certainly because there are an abundance of good, comfortable pubs there. If a man in England has a free afternoon and wants to spend it drinking beer, hanging out, and maybe reading the paper or a book, he can just hop down to his local pub, order a pint, find his favorite spot and thence enjoy his whole afternoon. An American has no such luck. There is no local pub for him to hop down to and none of the bars here are conducive to just hanging out, reading, or relaxing. American bars are designed for maximum stimulation. There are TV’s everywhere and the music is always 10 decibels too high. A man cannot read or relax in this surrounding. That is why I was so happy to discover the Ginger Man Pub located at the intersection of Montgomery and Camp Bowie.

The Ginger Man has plenty of local and international brews (alas! No Abbot Ale on draught!) and what seemed to be a decent selection of wines. What makes the Ginger Man different, though, is the ambiance and décor that make it perfectly suited to an afternoon of drinking. There are plenty of comfortable places to sit, no loud TVs, no cocktail waitresses constantly asking “are ya’ll okay?”, and no blaring music. It is, as I said, the perfect place for a good afternoon beer. They also have a dedicated area for darts and they actually give you decent darts with which to play. So if ever you are looking for a place to have a good afternoon beer, a game of darts, and some conversation: let me suggest to you the Ginger Man Pub.
Gingerman Pub
3716 Camp Bowie Blvd

Fort Worth, TX 76107
(817) 886-2327


Francis Shivone said...

Thanks for the post -- looks like a great place.

And of course, we advise all afternoon beer drinkers to have a non-drinking driver or to call a cab.

Anonymous said...

I went to to the Gingerman in the fall when the evening were still nice and thought the same thing. It seemed like a great, relaxing place to enjoy a beer without the pressure or rush to always be ordering a new drink like you feel at many bars. Maybe that was because it wasn't very crowded.

I want to go there now for an afternoon drink.