Tuesday, January 8, 2008

10,000 Hits. And the Mind of a "Blogger."

This web log's meter will hit 10,000 today. Nevermind that 5,000 of them were me editing what I just wrote 5 minutes ago. It's still 10,000. Okay, it's actually 9,000. I started the meter at 1,000 because I didn't want to look like a rookie. When I get to 11,000 (the real 10,000) I am going to celebrate by opening a bottle of Texas' finest carbonated water.

But let me tell you something about "bloggers" (a contracted word I do not like, by the way). For your information, the writers of web logs are self-deluded ninnies (ninnies?) who think that people actually care what they think. Me included. They also believe that they are experts in the field about which they write. And they believe either that they can write in respectable and understandable English, or that they should write as a street person talks to be authentic. The first is delusional the second is stupid.

Regardless, thanks to everyone who takes a minute out of their day to read and to comment. I enjoy the discussion. I really do.


Anonymous said...

why does your site "click" about 10 times when it opens? I think it logs too many hits. ????????????

Francis Shivone said...

It just started and I thought matbe it was just me -- if anyone knows for sure let me know. I will see if I could find out. Thanks.

rambler said...

a very pleasant blog. Multos Populos. that's probably incorrect Latin, but you get the idea.

Francis Shivone said...

I'll check with Andrew on the correctness of multos populos. Grazie.