Sunday, December 2, 2007

Wild Thing on PBS?

I'm embarrassed.
Saturday night I flipped on the TV and KERA-Channel 13 was having one of their concert-fund-raising deals. That alone is enough to ruin my evening since it usually involves a Yanni-esque character performing in a purple-hued canyon, telling us how noble we all are. I don't know about you but I don't feel noble.
But this was a 60-something, wispy-gray-haired, overweight guy with a guitar, playing a song from the 60's . I was hooked to see who it was. Well, it was the lead singer for The Troggs and the song was Wild Thing.
Here's the embarrassing bit: this guy looked about as ready to take on a "wild thing" as I am to climb Mount Everest. Yet, on and on the song went, how this female, wild-child moved him. I loved the song in the 60's. I felt it's pain . . . but it's over. The audience, KERA, and the whole 60's generation, blue pills notwithstanding, needs to recognize one thing -- it's 2007, not 1967, deal with it.
After that, and to make matters worse, Jerry and the Pacemakers . . . a fitting name at this time of his life . . . gets up there and barely gets out the words to his song, Ferry Cross the Mersey, at which point I had to turn the TV off before I hurled -- but just as I was turning it off -- they panned to the audience and everyone is holding hands, swinging back and forth, singing along. This is the same group of people that slid down mud-slides naked and stoned at Woodstock. Now we're swinging back and forth like a bunch of traumatized hospital patients. It's sickening, I tell you.
The 60's generation is 60 and is embarrassing us all.
Get over yourself.


Andrew said...

Someone from your generation tells me quite frequently "We really screwed things up, we just need to die and get out of the way."
A rather morbid sentiment really...

me said...

Ouch!I agree.

me said...
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me said...
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