Monday, November 26, 2007

Who you are. What you like.

It is the baffling characteristic of polls. A relatively small number of answers predict the results of millions of answers with uncanny accuracy (assuming similarity in those polled).

Here are the facts of F&FW readers:
  1. 80% live in Fort Worth, but only 23% were born in DFW area.
  2. 90% of you read the FW Star-Telegram. That's fascinating to me. Just as interesting is that 30% get all their newspaper-type information online.
  3. 30% of you get your coffee from Starbucks. That is very good news for Starbucks. I doubt any other retail establishment would have that much market share from a group of readers. So far, no one selected a once popular Fort Worth coffee bar: Four Star.
  4. You like Kinkaids, Fred's, Mi Cocina, Del Frisco's and La Familia.
  5. If the presidential primary were held today, Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Guiliani would be Fort Worth choices.
  6. Trading Dirk for Kobe would definitely not be popular. 84% opposed.
  7. We are not sure who is the King of the Jungle but the King Cobra polled a lot better than I thought it would. It is virtually tied with the Rhino and the Elephant.
Any polling ideas? Let me know.

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