Monday, November 26, 2007

Last Chance: Sandwiches. Breakfast. Comments.

When it comes to favorite foods, mine is the old-fashioned sandwich. Good bread, good meat, a little mayo or mustard, a slice of avocado maybe, lettuce, fresh tomato. When all the ingredients are fresh, I love them. A suggestion was made that Carshon's has good sandwiches. I have found that the readers of this poor excuse for a blog know good food, so I will be going soon. Unfortunately, I will not be able to get there until the first week of December. If anyone else goes before then, I would like a report.
The "Best of" list that I re-post once every few weeks is my list after 25 years of dining in the town of the cow. It is just my opinion. I appreciate all the suggestions that I get and all reasonable suggestions will be visited. Please send more.

Breakfast, from most favorite to least favorite:
Yogi's: Great bagels. Good pancakes, good food. Way too crowded when I go.
Paris Cafe: Standard fair and good.
Ol South: Haven't been in a while, once was good.
La Madelaine: Nice atmosphere, fair food, fair bread, fair coffee. A shell of its past.
Denny's and IHOP: IHOP is too expensive and Denny's, I don't know, I just can't go there.
Waffle House: Hmmm. No. Actually the new ones in the suburbs aren't bad. But I don't go the the suburbs. It's scary up there.

My favorite outdoor cafes:
Nonna Tata, on Magnolia. (changed: see October 27, 2007 review. Editor)
Zambrano's, downtown.
Mi Cocina, downtown.
Railhead BBQ, on Montgomery.

Brunch: If you really like brunch, there is one and only one that is 4 star. Easter brunch at the Marriott DFW. Eat a light dinner the night before, make a reservation, and Easter Sunday enjoy the smorgasbord buffet, including the standard omelettes made to order; but also prime rib, cheeses, fresh waffles and pancakes, even things like peel and eat shrimp. Fresh pastries, chocolates and fruits are the desserts. Less extravagant and less expensive: the Blue Mesa on University has had a good brunch on Sunday for many years. I honestly don't know if they still do. But I have been and it is good.


Anonymous said...

Carshons is good. The strawberry delight is the almost the only restaurant dessert No plastic, take cash. Paul's Donuts does a good egg & meat breakfast sandwich,as well. Good standard-fare breakfast: West Side Cafe. I like it better than the Paris

Anonymous said...

Meant to add that a friend gave the Blue Mesa brunch a good mention this week.

Francis Shivone said...

Thanks for the comments. I'll be in FW on Friday. I'll be heading to Carshons Saturday. The owner's of Paul's are good guys from Chicago and they care about their product.

Anonymous said...

Good guys who take off on holiday weekends! No donuts over Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

We became urbanites in '05 and have enjoyed discovering Paul's, Carshon's and such. We've lately enjoyed Coffee House Gallery for a late Sunday breakfast after a morning bike ride.

The only thing I miss from the 'burbs is Boopa's Bagels on Western Center. Real boiled bagels and a neighborly oasis in an otherwise indistinguishable strip center.

Spanglocity said...

Thanks for brunch suggestion. I also add my nod to Blue Mesa's brunch. Also, the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens does a pretty good brunch (great desserts).

Francis Shivone said...

Spanglo -- I did not know that the Botanic Garden did a brunch.

Anonymous -- If you have the time to email me separately, I would love to hear how you have adjusted; what you like and dislike about suburban vs. city life. And if I can post the comments that would be appreciated. My email address is on the blog.

Anonymous said...

Blue Mesa...Maybe you don't eat outside of Fort Worth much, but we have tried Blue Mesa twice, several years apart, & the Brunch was the same disappointment. We had to sit for long periods at our table & wait for food to be replenished on the buffet, some of which never was. It was no wonder we had to wait nearly 2-hrs. for a table! The kitchen just can't deliver. The hostess & waiter were pleasant, but the restaurant is over-extending it's capabilities to offer a buffet-brunch.

Marina said...

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