Friday, November 9, 2007

Do You Know FW's Population Ranking?

For the fun of it. Rank the following cities by population. (Note: within city limits, not metro area)

El Paso
Fort Worth

If you get them all right, you're pretty good, because all but one are close. The answers are below. I used the first letter of the city to denote that city, e.g., M= Minneapolis.

Fort Worth ranks 18th in population nationally. Not bad. More interesting to me is that the Dallas and Fort Worth metropolitan area ranks number 4 in population. Ahead of it are -------------- ? That should be pretty easy.

Finally, where does the Fort Worth-Dallas metro area rank in world population? Before or after 25? 50? 75? Do you know the world's largest 3 cities by population?

I'll put those below the city size rankings.

If you get them all right or even most you are a walking Wiki.

City population size: FW=18,B=19,EP=21,S=23,M=47
Metro area size: NY=1, LA=2,Chi=3,DFW=4
World's largest metro areas: Tokyo=1, Mexico City=2, New York=3. DFW=53

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