Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Winner, but Suspicious Activity in Burger Poll . . .

After 54 votes, Kinkaid's is the landslider winner in the "Fort Worth's Best Burger Poll."
But there is a slight statistical problem. Kinkaid's received 26 votes, Tommy's 10, but "other" received 12 votes coming in second place. Help me. Who is the other(s)? Since no one received 50% of the vote I am having a run-off election between Kinkaids, Tommy's and the "other". I started this poll before I knew about Dutch's. Could that be the "other"? I need a name people. Thanks.


ExcitableBoy said...

My FW faves:
1) Fred's
2) Dutch's
3) Love Shack

Spanglocity said...

Depends on whether people are voting for novelty or actual taste of the burger. But for me it's:

1) Charley's, 4616 Granbury (it's a shack)

2) Dutch's, 3009 S. University (at corner of Berry St)

3) B.J. Keefers, 909 W. Magnolia

Francis Shivone said...

I'd like to get 10 more comments like those. Thanks. I think Keefer's changed ownership. Dutch's was not a good experience for me. I'll try Charleys and I need to go by the others to see if I have been. thanks.

Spanglocity -- My comments are based on taste not novelty but I get the point.

Anonymous said...

Dutch's was a horrible burger.
I feel the best of all is the Star Cafe in the stockyards.