Monday, October 22, 2007

Wine and Food Lovers: Zambranos: Good!

Some people just have good taste. Cef Zambrano is one them. You can see it in the new wine bistro, Zambrano Wine Cellar, he opened on Houston and 9th Streets in downtown Fort Worth. He took a pretty beat-up coffee shop and turned in into a bistro showpiece. This is a very good looking place. It's small with seating for about 30 - 40 including some outside tables and the bar seating. The wine display, table settings, and wall paintings all suit the space and the cuisine. Even the waitresses are good looking which is never a bad thing.
Best of all, the food is good. Pizza, cheeses, salads, bruschetta. All suitable to a wine tasting bistro. The wine selection is over 200 bottles with 30 available by the glass. This a great place for the wine appreciator, but both food and wine lovers should stop by, wish Mr. Zambrano well and have a glass or two. This is the kind of place Fort Worth needs.
The bad news: until the Omni is complete and Lancaster Boulevard populated with residents, shoppers and strollers from Sundance Square, I think he'll have a hard time getting the casual, walk-by diner. There just isn't a lot of foot traffic going by right now. In 6 months or so, when those two developments get started I think he'll be looking for a larger place.
My wife and I had pizza, a fresh garden salad and bottled water all for under $40 including the tip. I would love to have enjoyed a glass or two of the dry red stuff, but alas, I can not.
Great place for a light dinner, or lunch, a glass of wine and a walk around Fort Worth afterwards. Or for a drink after a movie or show at Bass Hall. I really liked this place.

Open for lunch and dinner. Visit their website at:

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