Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Do You Read the Newspaper?

In the tradition of separating humanity into two and only two groups on any given topic, I propose the following question:

Do you or do you not read the newspaper (in paper format)?

Please complete the poll to the right.

For the record, I am a "newspaper reader", and may possibly be an, "inveterate newspaper reader". My habit is the following:
1. Fort Worth Star-Telegram
a. Front page: glance the headlines.
b. Local and Business sections: read fairly in depth.
c. Sports: depends on the day and if it is baseball season. Baseball and basketball boxscores.
d. Obituaries.
By the way, the S-T was at the front of the internet news curve. Some of you might remember Startext, a non-graphical interface (like the old Compuserve) bulletin board, that had news, forums, sports scores, etc. When AOL came out with a "GUI" interface to the news and email I think Startext slowly went away. Their new newspaper, on-line-as-it-is-on-paper, is superb.
2. Wall Street Journal
a. Amazing breadth and depth of coverage for business, government and, of course, investing. I look forward to the Friday, House of Worship and de gustibus sections; and Saturdays, Arts and Leisure section.
b. Their letters to the editor are often great reading.
c. Read any Peggy Noonan editorial.

Occasional reading
3. New York Times. The best Sunday edition of any newspaper (worth the $5). Obituaries are the best in the world. I like to read what nonsense editorialist Maureen Dowd is promoting.
4. USA Today - Newspaper snobs don't like it but it's a good newspaper. Their puzzle section is great, and the crossword is slightly easier the Times.
5. Fort Worth Business Press. I usually pick one up at Kinkaids, then get glares from the wife as I side-read it over hamburgers and conversation. Good coverage of local business people and listings of "top 20" in particular industries.

See today's paper, for an article on blogs in and on Fort Worth: http://www.star-telegram.com/metro_news/story/285213.html


jeromey said...

i don't read the newspaper regularly. if there is one in the room and i'm bored, i'll read it. if there's a good coupon that i hear about, i'll go get a paper. if we're moving someone, i'll go buy a paper.

other than the above, i can see no reason to support the newspaper industry when the online alternative is much better (my opinion), more efficient, and allows better feedback.

i like paper books for long-term reading and saving/sharing, but for short-term information sharing, online is the only way to go.

besides, this way i can have my ideal newspaper - where the sports section is 1 page, there are no obituaries, and the world, tech, environment, politics and religion all get their own full sections.

it would be an interesting social experiement to ask, "what would your newspaper look like?"

just mho.
jeromey :)

Francis Shivone said...

I like the tactile feel of paper -- thanks for the comments.