Tuesday, October 23, 2007

La Familia and Sukhothai. Always Good.

There are many good family-run restaurants in the area that serve excellent food at a fair price. I would like to mention two of them. The cooks for these restaurants will never be featured on the Food Network and I doubt the owners will be running for mayor. Their dinner plates have no swirled sauces and no vertical garnishes. There is not much subtlety in the tastes. But their food is good. The wait staff is friendly and you can enjoy a nice evening with a few friends and not spend a fortune.
La Familia Mexican Restaurant in Fort Worth and Sukhothai in Arlington.
In the F&FW poll of your favorite Mexican restaurants La Familia polled highly. Second place and almost first. I think that has to do with the fact that the visitors to this weblog are locals who know the authentic places in Fort Worth. And La Familia is a local favorite. It serves a good plate of Mexican food and treats everyone like a regular. La Familia moved a year or so ago to just off 7th on Foch Street. Al Cavaso the founder and owner has built a good, solid restaurant business the old fashioned way -- good food and appreciating the customer.
Sukhothai restaurant, off Fielder Road just south of I30, is as good as it gets in the category. Traditional Thai food. Again, family owned and operated. This a small restaurant in a old strip shopping center with seating for 30 maybe and it is truly family run. But man can they cook. Their Thai dishes are the best I have ever had. Each dish is served as it is ready, in keeping with the tradition of sharing different plates amongst the dinner party. I like it because everything is piping hot when served. Sukhothai is "bring your own wine" establishment. I am never disappointed when I go there. Sometimes we can talk the owners 10 year (?) old son into playing the violin. It's a treat when he does. Entrees are $10 - 15. The appetizers are delicious. Take your time and enjoy, no one will hurry you here. By the way, Sukhothai does have a Zagat rating.

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cowtown munchies said...

I have been there twice and have yet to see the son. But sounds great that you can coax him into playing. I love Sukhothai, especially for lunch. Have you tried Thai Tina's or Junsuree?