Saturday, October 13, 2007

Foodie Magazine/ a local Top Chef / Cookies, et. al.

Since I'm back in the city of brotherly love I haven't seen the new Fort Worth Food magazine published by the website of the same name (I think). Apparently, they can be found at Central Market. I hope one of my children picks one up for me.

Congratulations to Dallas' Casey Thompson for being a finalist in cable TV's Bravo chef competition. Serious stuff here. I didn't watch this years competition but I have in recent years. The show is intense and not known to be for the weak hearted chef. Ms. Thompson is head chef at Shinsei, one of big D's hot restaurants.
Star Telegram coverage:

Somebody go to Zambrano Wine Cellar on 9th and Houston and tell me about it. I would, but I am out of town and can't drink wine any longer anyway. They have food as well as drinks.

Have a great cookie recipe?
Friday is the last day to enter the local contest.


Anonymous said...

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TexasRN2 said...

I find it distressing that the last posts here were in October of 2007. I hope this site is still active.
I wanted to comment on the site owners comments about why create this site. I must say I agree with you. While Paris and the Orient may indeed have wonderful food and places to visit, I, for one, will probably never visit either. I have travelled extensively throughout the US and find there is a cause to revere the dishes created here as much as those created overseas.
Let the others brag about their food and how people in Paris dote on their meals. Read the book, Why French Women Don't Get Fat, and you will read all about it. But, can there be anything better than sitting around a Southern Woman's table and enjoying fried chicken, mashed taters, green beans or pintos, with a big, sweet, fattening cobbler finish? Ummmm.
The East Coast delicatessen or diner puts out meals to 'die for' and usually lots of it. Californians eat fresh which notably is the best way to eat. However there is something about Texas, Bar B Que, or a big helping of Tex-Mex cuisine dripping with cheese and chilis munched on a tortilla- anyway it is delivered to the table with the exception of stone cold. Maybe it's the air in Texas or the spirits of those who preceeded us,that make it so special. But, however you feel about it, there is really no place better than Texas. Give me a cold day and a hot grill anytime.