Friday, October 19, 2007

And the Winner Is . . .

Given F&FW's policy of announcing a winner after a poll has received 50 votes , and that the "Who Will be President Poll" has received 51 votes, F&FW makes the following proclamation:
The winner of the "Who Will be President" poll, in a landslide is, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Senator Clinton received 15 of the 51 votes or 29%, a full 7 votes and 14 percentage points more than Fred Thompson, who came in second with 8 votes. Food and Fort Worth is the first "major poll" :-) to predict the November 2008 winner, and that winner will be Hillary Clinton.

Our extrapolated full results and predictions are these:
Democrat presidential candidate: Hillary Clinton ------15 votes
Democrat vice-president candidate: Barak Obama -----7 votes
Republican presidential candidate: Fred Thompson ---- 8 votes
Republican vice presidential candidate: Jack Bauer ----- 6 votes

That's right folks, Jack Bauer. For the first time in election history one actor will run as himself, Fred Thompson, and one will run as the character he plays, Jack Bauer. Besides the obvious advantage of Jack Bauer intimidating the bejeebers out of the Democrats, Mr Bauer can also recuse himself of the DWI questions that Mr. Sutherland would have to face. That's just smart politics.

Remember, you heard it first ---- at Food and Fort Worth.

(My opinion on the winner? )

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