Monday, October 15, 2007

Alias Talk ... yes, I said Alias.

I'm watching the first season of Alias. Charlie's Angel meets Jack Bauer. I am about 5 0r 6 episodes in. So far: This is written for girls, right? I can't imagine a guy getting into it.

Here are my problems:
1. The good guys are too gay.
2. The Mission Impossible style, "here's your mission" at the start of each show is stupid and unbelievable. Plus, at least half the episodes have started with "oh, the last mission where you almost died was a setup by the bad guys, the real mission is this..."
3. Mr. Gadget guy is getting real, real old.
4. The main character girl is attractive and likable but a little more heaving breast, a la Michelle on 24, would be nice.
5. Wait a minute . . . they kill your fiance' and and then they believe you when you say you want back in. Hmmmm? This super smart leader doesn't suspect anything, he listens to every conversation in L.A., hears the word "spy", nabs the doctor boyfriend and doesn't listen to main girl and dad talk. Oh, he trusts them.
6. The father: nobody is that big of a jerk.
7. The Leader: somebody shoot his ass and end the whole miserable thing.
8. If the black girl friend and the main character say, "I love you" to each other one more time I'm out for good.
9. Is it campy? Am I missing the joke? What's with the Bruce Lee sound effects after each karate chop?

My wife and I like watching a TV series on DVD. 24 was the last success, since then we have tried:
Rome, HBO edition: I liked it too much for the wife.
Battlestar Galactica -- probably good, but couldn't find the first year, so I couldn't figure out who was good and who was bad.
The Shield -- the end of the decline of the cop show. Too bad. Starting with Dragnet where the good guys are always good, to Kojak and Hill Street Blues and now this. The only difference between the good guys and the bad guys is that the good guys have bigger guns. Machiavelli would be happy. I had hoped that things weren't this bad.
Lewis & Clark, Ken Burns documentary -- I had never seen this. Love it.
Foyles War, BBC -- this looks promising

Andrew, I know you have a comment . . .
Becca, you were 2 for 2, now just 2 for 3 . .


jeromey said...

let me know where to mail you a dvd of battlestar season 1. it's well worth it.

...and i was a big alias fan during seasons 1-2(maybe3). yes - it's silly-campy, but also techie-geeky and jennifer garner is waaay more realistic/girl-next-door hot than most tv bimbos.

the trick that made it watchable for me was trying to pick the twist before it was revealed each episode. the stuff about people dying/coming back to life and being genetically modified to completely resemble someone else was retarded. i liked the james bond style stuff with gadgets and plans and maps oh - and stuff. :)

Francis Shivone said...

I felt like ripping something yesterday, Alias was the target. I watched episode 7 and 8 last night of season 1 and the thread of discovery of "who is Kate Jones" is getting interesting as is the possibility of them being found out by "the Leader". The Halloween party made me gag as did the black guy singing. I had to turn it off at that point. If they took out the really smarmy romance stuff I would like it. And I like romantic movies but that is some bad copywriting.
The main character is great by me.
The library had the Battlestar season 2 and 3. I can order season 1 I am sure. If I have a problem I'll send you our Philadelphia address. Much appreciated. Actually I'm on my way over there now to drop off the Lewis & Clark DVD.
Thanks for the comments,again.