Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saturday in Big D

I admit it, I was in Dallas on business Friday and for a visit Saturday. I had to be around the American Airlines Center for a while and had not been there since they have completed or nearly completed the work on the neighboring Tom Hicks development. Very impressive in a new, flashy Dallas kind of way. A couple of new restaurants like Nove Italian look good. Saturday night I took a turn back in time and spent an hour or so at St. Seraphim Orthodox Cathedral (Wycliffe and Oaklawn) for evening vespers. I was a guest of my daughter and a few friends of hers. Beautiful church with beautiful iconography and an orthodox liturgy. I enjoyed it very much. Most encouraging to me were the number of young people. There is a growing interest among younger church goers for traditional liturgy and away from the extemporaneous. I visit Catholic churches around the country and instead of fewer young people I see more. The contemplation of the good is attractive.
Afterwards we went to the
Old Monk for beers (or in my case Diet Coke) and burgers. I was asked if an Old Monk burger was as good as our best in Fort Worth. It's good but not as good as Kinkaids. The Fritas or little fries were great. Sunday, it is off to my daughters for chicken enchiladas and appropriate side dishes and a surprise (she says) desert from one of Whole Foods' pastry chefs. My daughter serves 30 or so of family and friends almost every Sunday night and gets high marks from everyone.

Addendum: Desert was Snickers cake with Snickers flavored cake and frosting, topped with slices of Snickers. It wasn't good it was fantastic. The cake had perfext texture and the frosting was creamy and just sweet enough. Made by Angela (sorry Angela I did not get your last name) and sous chef Ryan. She works at the Whole Foods on Forest and Preston in Dallas. Stop by and say hi.
My daughter's chicken enchiladas, beans and rice were delicious as usual. Nothing new there. 30 - 35 present and a good time was had by all.

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