Monday, September 24, 2007

Ken Burns' World War II

I am watching by videotape the first night of the Ken Burns series on World War II, broadcast on PBS. I am requesting your comments and opinions. Most of us are fans of Burns' work, Civil War, Baseball and Jazz. In the Civil War series he had Shelby Foote's books to work from (and his presence, voice and demeanor in the show). The writing is always the foundation of a documentary even a visual one. I hope this one is as good. I called my father, a WW2 army infantryman, and suggested he give it a look. His opinion of "war movies" the the last 20 years , including Saving Private Ryan, has not been good.
I'll be commenting from time to time on the series and hope you will, too. I will post any thoughtful commentary from this readership.
The War on PBS webpage:

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