Thursday, September 13, 2007

I Miss The Ticket (the ticket?)

When you are away from home for a while, and when you have lived at that home with a certain routine for a while, you start to miss things. Restaurants, churches, parks, kids, grandkids, and all things local and not transportable. The Ticket (KTCK 1310) is one of them. Yes, I miss The Ticket.
I spent a lot of time in a car in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and they got me through some long, boring stretches. The Morning Musers -- JubJub, Junior, and the occasionally annoying Gordon (yes, I heard you interview Cheech or Chong and you deserved to be hungup on). Norm, whom I have listened to since the "I Am not a Jock Club" (love ya' Norm). I even miss Bob and Dan, even if Dan whines too much. And, of course, the #1 show, the HardLine -- Greggo, Reiner (yes, Reiner) and the old yuck-monk himself, Corby.
A few of my nostalgic favorites:
  • The first Compound Radio Week was the best radio program(s) ever.
  • Corby's original overcusser, I really did drive off the road, I was bent over in laughter.
  • The "Cat, don't tell Reins", fake Greggo call-in, I have played dozens of times, which reminds me that Greg's admission on public airwaves was as good as good gets. Not too many guys would do that.
  • Fake Jerry and all things fake.
  • Norm broadcasting from his kitchen after the operation.
  • Over the top Gordon when Norm was admitting some temptations he struggles with and Gordon wouldn't let up. I was mad at Gordon but riveted to the radio.
I listened while driving because it's a bunch of guys talking about what guys talk about, which is often sports, but also women, food, music, TV, movies, high-tech gadgets, politics and religion. Mostly unimportant, but the conversation is relaxing. Sports for most of us is a way of relaxing from whatever is eating at us; we play it poorly, or did, and like watching other guys play it well, but it's only one interest, which is what most "sports" shows miss. As my son has observed while listening to sports talk in San Antonio, most sports talk shows are hosted by self-important sports guys who talk sports with radio voice but who don't get "it", and the "it" is they sound fake because they are fake. That's true in San Antonio, Philadelphia, and everywhere else I have ever been. I don't listen to the sports shows here, not because they are Philadelphia fans but because the shows lack the authenticity that The Ticket has. I try but at some point I start looking for a bridge to drive off of, it's that bad.
I could listen on the internet, I know, but it's not the same, most of my listening has been in the car. I want to be in a car on a wide freeway, fighting traffic and talking back to the Ticket talk radio. I miss the mellifluous sound of Reins' gravel voice:
"It's five-forty-toooa, and we'll be back . . . on The Ticket, (the ticket?)."
Those were good times. I'll be home soon boys. (hmmm, gay or not gay?)


jeromey said...

as a Sirius junkie, i hardly ever listen to broadcast radio any more. that said, you didn't mention satellite radio, so i've left those options out:

i'm definitely with you on the musers. i think they have the best morning show on the air in dfw.

the midday slot is a beating no matter what station you choose. (sorry - but i can't stand bob and dan)

for afternoon drive, though, if you haven't given a week of listens to Russ Martin, you're depriving yourself of the funniest show on broadcast radio. i'm a howard fan, but i think russ is even funnier than howard. like any good show, there's a "lingo" that you have to acquire before some bits are funny, but russ is worth the trouble. you might remember hearing him on 97.1 the eagle back in the day. he's a "local" guy that's paid plenty of dues in the business and finally made it.

i grant you that the hardline is good - and you're right about the nostalgic, gravelly voice...

...i just happen to think russ is better. check it out and tell me i'm wrong. afternoons 3-7 on 105.3 FM in DFW.

oh, and by the way, if you try satellite radio - especially the music channels - the first thing you'll realize is how many commercials you're having to sit through on "regular radio." :)

Francis Shivone said...

I agree with you on all Ticket comments. My kids have heard me say many times that they deserve the awards they get. I think Craig is the most level headed guy at the station and I don't listen to Bob and Dan much.
I look forward to trying Russ martin and I do remember him.
Finally, I really need to start the Sirius thing because I am a radio listener. I should have before I came up here.
I know Howard is the leader in the field but I think I'm just too Republican. My other listening is KERA 90.1 because I generally disagree, and because they are more thoughtful than the conservative meatheads (although I preferred their music format from long ago to today's news and talk). Really great comments, thanks.