Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Favorite Food and Drink Websites

If you are just looking for a recipe, there are the commonly known and frequently visited, Yahoo Food, Food Network, etc. These sites are a little different, offer more commentary, and have specific suggestions. Got a good site? Let me know.

1. Probably my favorite website for food, restaurants, news and commentary. Who else has articles like, New Yorks Best Street Food.
New York Times Food:

2. Plenty of interesting food facts and commonly held but untrue beliefs. Does searing meat really hold in the juices? Kitchen Myths:

3. There are hundreds of coffee websites. I have a few I go to all the time. This site they say, is the first. Coffee Research:

4. The following website is more for the vegetable gardener. But if you want helpful North Texas gardening information, this is great. Gardening Tips for North Texas:

5. I like people who are knowledgeable but not arrogant, especially when it comes to wine. This a great blog and suggests wines according to cost per bottle.
Chelsie Wines:

6. Another good coffee website: Coffee Geek:

7. A well done blog with clear recipes, Family Food:

8. Want to make a better cup of coffee?

9. Okay, one more coffee website thanks to Jeromey: Sweet Marias, suggestions on roasting your own (that's roasting not growing your own).

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