Saturday, August 18, 2007

My Opinion on the Major Fast Food Franchises

1. Burgler King: They have transferred ownership more often than Paris Hilton transferred jail cells. The initial concept was good, and their burgers aren't bad but it's hard to find a store that is well maintained. Can't somebody run that thing?
2. Waffle House: If small is beautiful to you you will love their chicken eggs.
3. Chick-Filet: I don't get it. A white bread bun, a piece of bland as hell chicken breast and a sliced pickle with some really bad waffle shaped fries for $5. No thanks.
4. Taco Bell: I like them at times. Hot, tasty and cheap.
5. Wendy's: Everyone is trying to match their success with salads. $4.50 for a pretty good salad is not bad. Better than McDonald's and fresher. Wendy's makes their salads every day on-site. For the money they are good. 99 cent deals led the way in the industry.
6. Braum's: I like their ice cream but their burgers are dangerous. How long has the cook been out on parole?
7. McDonald's: The precook- and- steam- them- later concept is failed. Everything else you do is genius.
8. Taco Bueno: Has anyone told you guys that dark woods and macrame are no longer in style? Great start, stick a fork in it now.
9. Krystal's: It's kind of hard to criticize something that bad.
10. Chili's: Great franchise and money in the bank for Brinker Int. Good burgers, good salads, a nice bar. How they maintained the onslaught of competitors I don't know but they are the last one standing against the foes of TGIF, Bennigans, Harrigans and all the other 'gans. I know it's hard to change a winning formula but the decor is still '80's and they need to change it.
11. SaltGrass: Good food, good atmosphere. They are making money. Middle ground of a very good meal and decent price.
12. Bennigan's: Are they still around?
13. The Black Eyed Pea: They're back! And as good as they were before they sold out to the man.
14. The Purple Cow: I ain't eating anywhere that has the name purple in it.
15. Pei Wei: I like it.
16. Whataburger: Best cheap breakfast burrito.
17. Kentucky Fried, Church's, Popeyes: I'll eat at Church's occasionally.
18. Olive Garden: You're kidding right?
19. Macaroni Grill: Once great, now terrible and I do mean terrible.
20. Outback Steakhouse: Good, but too cafeteria style for me.
21. Jack in the Box: I'll eat there just to support their "Angus" commercial. Since I don't drink anymore their deep fried tacos don't appeal to me at midnight. (But they used to).
22. Boston Market: Once the wave of the future, now, they're toast. I think McDonald's just sold them off. Good riddance to cold (but supposed to be hot) baked chicken.
23. Chipotle's: McDonald's made a much better purchase here. It's okay to good in my opinion.
24. Sonic: I have no idea. I hate their commercials and strawberry-banana-cherry shakes don't appeal to me.
25. IHOP: No offense but $8 for pancakes in that setting doesn't turn me on.
26. Cracker Barrel: I'm 54. When I lower the mean age of the diners by 10 years, I'm not going. Hello Branson.


Andy said...

Black-eyed peas is back, huh? I should check that out. Did they change owners.

Francis said...

They have had several owners. Wasn't your old boss one of them? The new management is revamping and renovating the stores. Arlindon is first. See today's ST.