Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I Got Nothing, but . . .

There are some pretty good websites of Fort Worth interest: My "links" (see sidebar, to the right) has three of them:
Fort Worth Architecture: my son introduced me to this one, and for those of you interested in architecture, building, engineering this is the place to go. The forums are active and by my observation, informed and influential.
Fort Worthlogy: All around information on Fort Worth with another bent towards the commercial building sector, as they say, "dedicated to encouraging and chronicling smart urban growth in Fort Worth, Texas." 50,000 recorded visits, which ain't bad, for a local interest site. (I'm about 49,000 short of that)
Fort Worth Foodie: As it suggests a site dedicated to diners and especially the "happy hour" crowd. Good information and easy to get around.
A common thread through all these sites is an interest in a "living downtown" in contrast to a place to work and leave. Fort Worth has good momentum that even a housing slow down probably won't effect. When I visit the suburbs frankly I get depressed, it's a matter of personal preference I know, but the sameness of the landscape, architecture, shopping, etc., just puts me in a bad mood. An architect friend of mine told me, "we will never know what effect eight foot ceilings have had on man's imagination. . ."
I like the old architecture in Fort Worth, and some of the new, but everyone who lives here has grown to appreciate what we have and the direction we in which we are going.


Whitney said...

I've checked out Fort Worth Foodie, it's pretty good!

:) Whitney

Francis said...

thank you, I agree.