Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Take the TRE Train to Dallas. (or vice versa)

I ran this post almost a year ago when gasoline was about $2.90 per gallon. It's $4.15 now. As if I needed to tell you. If you haven't taken the Trinity Railway Express into Dallas give it a try. It's cheaper than driving and takes about 45 minutes. I have actually taken it to the airport but that is more hassle than its worth. Anyway, if you have to go east, try the TRE.

Why you should take the Trinity Railway Express train to Dallas:

1. It's not hard, it's very easy.
2. It is comfortable with plenty of good seating.
3. It is safe. There is security on the train and the stations are well lighted.
4. It's cheap. About $5 all day.
5. It's fun.

Trinity Railway Express -- http://www.trinityrailwayexpress.org

What it's perfect for:
American Airlines Center: concerts, Mavericks or Stars games.

Like shopping? Dallas' Northpark Mall is worth visiting and the connections are easy.
Don't mind walking a little? Shop at the West Village on McKinney.

Can't get a ride to the airport? Take the train. It will take you about 45 minutes longer than driving because of the 2 connections but they are well marked and frequent. I have done it many times both to and from the airport.

Trinity Railway Express -- http://www.trinityrailwayexpress.org
Shopping: West Village on Mckinney and Northpark Mall
Lunch: Taco Diner in West Village
Parking: plentiful and free
Walking: West End is a short walk from Reunion Station or take the Dart Train to Deep Ellum
or walk to Arts District.
Bicycles: You may bring them on the train.
Ticketing: Bought at the stations for the day, if you like. They don't always check them, but you are fined if you don't have one.
Best times: Saturday morning, especially if you are bringing children. Weekday rush hour trains can be packed.
Final suggestion: make sure you know the departure times for the return trip and also make sure that the train is not making its last stop and Centreport. (yes, I learned this the hard way)
Bring a book for the train and enjoy the ride.

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