Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dutch, Dutch, Dutch . . .

Dutch's Burgers. Man, was I looking forward to Dutch's. I hate to slam a place after one experience so I won't, too much, but I am going back at a different time. I went early, 11:30, and, as they were anticipating the lunch crowd, they prepared the burgers in advance. I understand. But if you are going to do that, do what everybody else does, cook them a little, then throw the semi-cooked burgers in a pot of ice water and as you need them, you cook them. That way they stay juicy, semi-prepared, but not pre-cooked entirely.
My burger was pre-cooked entirely. They called my name 30 seconds after I ordered it. No sooner did I get a drink, and find a seat that my name was called. I exaggerate not. That's an 8 ounce burger, cooked through, well done. And my burger was just slightly past warm, yet still well done. I'm disappointed. This ain't Krystal's , 4-pack for a dollar. Slow the hell down. For $10 including the drink, but without fries, I expect better. I know that for every customer who feels as I do, there's one complaining that it's hot and fresh but it took too long to cook. Neverthless, I think most customers would prefer to wait 5 minutes or so and get a freshly cooked hamburger.
Some well intentioned manager thinks, "hey, I know we're going to serve 20 hamburgers in the first 15 minutes, why not make them in advance?" Great idea for donuts, bad idea for hamburgers. It's my biggest complaint, management efficiency winning out over common-sense and taste. I was looking forward all last week to Dutch's and, bam, a $7 pre-cooked hamburger that I could have gotten at Whataburger. I'm going back when they are busy to see if it's better.
On the plus side, great burger-place atmosphere, spacious seating, well lit, and a condiment bar with great dill pickles.
Dutch's vs. Kincaids,? The winner today is still Kinkaids.


Andrew said...

Quite a disappointment. I really enjoyed my burger at Dutch's.
Maybe you're just one of those arrogant, stuck-up 'reviewers' though.

Francis said...

Funny . . . (but true?)