Friday, July 20, 2007

Speaking of breakfast at La Madelaines . . .

I have always thought that Cowtown needed a good breakfast restaurant that focused more on fresh bread, eggs, and fruit, than pancakes and waffles. A place where they actually crack the egg open when they make them and not have them poured from a box. When McDonald's first introduced their breakfast and before they stopped toasting their bread, their Egg-Mcmuffin wasn't bad, and their steak and bagel breakfast sandwich was as good as you could get for $2. But as for a nice, sit-down breakfast with real eggs, bacon and toast. I don't know. The choices are mostly chains like Denny's (not bad), IHOP (better), and Waffle House (ehhhh, no); the non-chain locals, are places like Ol' South Pancake House on University and Yogi's on Hulen. Yogi's gets a little noisy and crowded, but right now, that's my choice for good food at a good price. Unfortunately, I think the days of a nice restaurant (not formal, but not t-shirts and sandals) with a good breakfast are over. The Marriott Easter brunch, at DFW Airport, is the last of its kind. Suggestions?

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