Monday, July 23, 2007

One more thing about Starbucks . . .

Starbucks: Convenience and ease of purchase, a consistently good product, high perceived value, and a clean, pleasant environment. It's tough to have all four and hard to think of another national franchise that does the way they do. Central Market? They do all four, but since they are a division of privately held HEB, we don't know that they are profitable. But yes, they are very similar to Starbucks, as is Whole Foods. What about McDonald's? I have great admiration for the franchise but, no, they have one maybe two of the four and their product has tanked in the last ten years (though they are taking steps to bring it back). The Pizza Delivery companies have ease and convenience down, but the pizza is bad, and that's being nice. Could someone charge say $2 more per pizza and have a good product? Sushi bars: yes, that is the whole idea of sushi. But there is no national sushi franchise, as far as I know.
Believe it or not, I think Subway gets close. Before you think I'm crazy, consider this: Very easy to get in and out quickly, you get what you want on it, the sandwich isn't that cheap, some of them are pretty good, and they are clean. Their one big problem: they are busy 2 hours a day, though they are working hard to sell the dinner hour.
Locally, Kincaid's has it figured out and they are expanding (Southlake, for one). Tommy's did, but I'm not sure what happened there, they are not quite as good as they once were. Mi Cocina's and the Pappa's group of restaurants do a great job for larger chains. And little Nina Tota on Magnolia, says the heck with convenience, I'm serving great food at a fair price and people are lining up.
Next, Pappa's Burgers. New to Fort Worth, are they as good as Kincaids?

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